“It ain’t the destination…
But the story that gets us there."

Welcome to our world!

White Lightning Films is a Berlin-based company set up by screenwriter Enda Brogan to promote a range of exciting new film projects.  The focus of this website is to showcase these projects. Let’s face it: you can have the best screenplay in the world, but if you don’t create the right buzz and get it into the right hands, it will go nowhere. Below you’ll find a quick summary of what we’re about.

White Lightning Films distilling screenwriter Screenplay berlin

Taking care of business

Our core business is screenplay writing and development, which means working together with producers and other partners to make our projects happen.

As a young company, it makes more sense for us to collaborate with more established partners. That way, we can just focus on what we’re good at   being creative.

White Lightning Films distilling screenwriter Screenplay berlin

Words are all we have

A screenplay might only be 90 to 120 pages long, but it can up to a year to get right. And even then, you need to re-review, re-draft, and re-double the effort all the way to the finish. 

You only get one chance to make a first good impression, so we run our screenplays through several rounds of quality control before we send them on to producers.


White Lightning Films distilling screenwriter Screenplay berlin

Need urgent treatment?

Having problems fleshing out a treatment for a screenplay?  Most of the time, the problem is with the basic structure of your story, and you’re too attached to it to fully exploit its potential.

We can help you distill your concept down and give it form by brainstorming it with you in a relaxed, supportive environment. Just don’t forget to bring a sense of humor with you!

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