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We’re a zany bunch at White Lightning Films, but you’ve got to be a little crazy to stay sane in this world.  We’re also very determined; we keep nibbling away at heels until we get what we want. And we like happy endings… films that inspire and entertain audiences while sending a positive message.

White Lightning Films Enda Brogan Screenwriter

Enda Brogan

Managing Director & Screenwriter

The former journalist speaks five languages and has worked in seven countries. He was the first non-Chinese national to direct a show for China’s CCTV-5.  He’s also worked for Sony, mentoring  a team of 20 writers. On the side, he’s stood in for Toby Jones in The Painted Veil and played soccer in North Korea.

Enda holds a degree in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University and an MA degree in journalism. However, his first love has always been the silver screen. He wrote his first theater piece when he was 15 and won a national drama award a year later. 

After 20 years of writing everything from press releases to radio documentaries, Enda is now focused on writing screenplays that channel his creativity and years of globetrotting encounters.

White Lightning Films Raymond Brogan consultant

Raymond Brogan

Creative Consultant

Raymond J. Brogan has worked as a writer and script editor for over ten years. He has worked in German animation on The School for Little Vampires, and has written extensively as a film critic for various publications, including Puremzine.

Raymond holds a B.A. in English and Politics from the University of Cork and an M.A. in Screenwriting from The Huston School Of Film and Digital media at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Raymond’s creativity and encyclopedic knowledge of cinema shape the early drafting of our screenplays.  He also works independently on his own projects, including Hard Knocks, a gritty redemption tale about a bare-knuckle fighter from the Irish traveling community. 

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